TAMUCC trains dogs to detect crude oil on Gulf Coast Beaches

By submitted CORPUS CHRISTI – Man’s best friend has long earned its keep in service to humans when it comes to hunting, herding, providing protection, or assisting in searches. Now, a few visionary researchers at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi are interested in training canines to sniff out crude oil on Texas beaches. Poppy, an […]

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Canine oil spill detection: Using odor signatures to improve detection on land and water

Oil spills significantly damage ecosystems and economies, but current detection technology for subsurface oil is labor-intensive, slow and provides limited coverage. Professional canine detection teams have shown in recent experiences that their oil detection capability exceeds the requirements to develop specific operational treatment criteria. In this AGU 2021 media roundtable, researchers will discuss how canines […]

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WOAI San Antonio Channel 4 News Report

S.A Zoo helping to save Texas Horned Lizards by Michael Hernandez Tuesday, June 25th 2019 For video on news report page Click Here SAN ANTONIO—Here’s a quick quiz: Do you know what the state reptile of Texas is? It’s the Horned Lizard. But did you also know that they are on the threatened species list? […]

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