Paul Bunker – Principal, Chiron K9, has written a workbook covering the initial imprinting of a detection dog. he has also co-author a chapter in the text book Canines: The Original Biosensors. Click the book titles to go to the books publication page.

“Imprint Your Detection Dog in 15 Days” is available from Amazon in various countries, Barnes and Nobel and IngramSpark. 

  • 2022
    • Canines The Original Biosensors

      Detection canines have been utilized throughout the world for over a century, and while numerous attempts have been made to replicate the canine’s ability to detect substances by mechanical means, none has been as successful. The olfactory system is a highly intricate and sophisticated design for chemical sensing, and the olfactory capacity of many animals, including canines, is considered unmatched by machine due to not only their great sensitivity and superior selectivity but also their trainability and mobility. These unique features have led to the use of such animals as "whole-animal" biosensors.

      Edited By Lauryn E. DeGreeff, Craig A. Schultz

  • 2021
    • Imprint Your Detection Dog in 15 Days – A Step-by-Step Workbook

      This step-by-step workbook takes the dog and handler through easy-to-follow, positive reinforcement-based training protocols resulting in an imprinted dog. The workbook is written in plain English without a heavy science-based bias; this workbook is designed for beginner and experienced trainers alike. The reward-based lesson plans utilize treats/toys and praise and can be followed by the dog and handler without the need for an assistant.

      Paul Bunker