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“It is not exhaustive since through my experience I understand that a client’s needs are always diverse and dynamic. I am, therefore, constantly developing and I am prepared at all times to step up and meet any challenge.” Paul Bunker

Paul Bunker, Principal Chiron K9, is the author of:

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What others say

“Your presentation was enjoyed by all those that attended, and the over-riding opinion was that it should perhaps become part of the course syllabus or at least new trainers should be able to attend in the future.”

Chiron K9 has been a key partner in the synergistic development that introduced detection canines to the Shoreline Cleanup Assessment Technique (SCAT) process that is a standard feature of oil spill response on shoreline in North America. This crossover between two distinctly different disciplines had led to a significant advance in oil spill response technology that has been recognized by further recent research contracts from the American Petroleum Institute’s Science and Technology Working Group.

If you are in the field of K9 Detection, I highly recommend you request Paul to come speak at your next conference. Paul took time out of his busy schedule to come to Raymore, MO and speak at the Canine Accelerant Detection Association’s 2015 Annual Conference. His presentation was excellent and very beneficial to our members. He received high remarks from all those attending this year’s conference. Paul not only gave an excellent presentation, he worked individually with our teams as well, identifying and correcting problems with our handlers and their K9’s. Putting what he taught in the classroom into action was a tremendous help to all those who attended this years conference and certification. Paul is the ultimate professional and his dedication to the field of K9 Detection is beyond reproach.

Paul has been and continues to be, instrumental in developing our oil detection canine work. He has a huge depth of understanding of canine behavior and psychology, and is known among our group as “the dog whisperer”! Paul has found canine solutions for the many problems we have thrown at him and has successfully adapted canine training techniques and search patterns to our various oil detection needs, including marine shoreline and riverbank environments, as well as surface, sub-surface and underwater oiling. Paul is highly professional and knowledgeable and clearly cares a great deal for his detection dogs, ensuring their safety and welfare.

I’ve worked with Paul in a wide range of environments and conditions and he never fails to deliver. He truly is amazing with his canines and is committed to getting a job done well despite the obstacles that might exist.