Field Surveys

Paul Bunker

Paul Bunker has a proven experience in canine detection field surveys. He has supported projects within the USA and overseas. He is experienced in developing specific team integration protocols and ensuring the canine teams support all aspects of the survey. He has handled detection canines on surveys for decades and gained significant experience in the field. With over 4000 confirmed field alerts on targets, he has a proven track record in supporting client requirements and goals.

Chiron K9

Chiron K9 has experience in deploying within the USA and overseas to support field surveys. Either as a canine team handler or as a consultant integrating teams into field surveys.

  • Over 4000 confirmed field alerts on targets.
  • Deployed worldwide on a variety of projects
  • Developed custom integration protocols to existing projects
  • Worked in austere climatic and environmental conditions
  • Experienced with canine and handler GPS technology
  • Experienced in field data collection and report writing
  • Advanced canine first aid trained
  • Health & Safety (HAZWOPPER) certified
  • Has developed protocols “in the field” to address specific project related challenges
  • Experienced in working in culturally sensitive environments