Paul Bunker

Paul Bunker has a proven experience in canine detection research. He has supported the work of leading universities within the USA as well as government agencies. He has published and been a co-author of scientific papers and books. He has a unique skill set of developing protocols and devices to support complex projects and resolving training solutions. The Chiron K9 facility has been established to support canine detection research either independently or in partnership with organizations.

Chiron K9 - Olfactometer

Chiron K9’s research Facility includes a canine olfactometer. This 3 port computer-driven device allows for double-blind trials of canine detection capabilities. It supports research and can be programmed to conduct threshold, go-no-go, pyramid, probes, and other research-based trials.

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Research Facility

Chiron K9 was established near San Antonio, Texas and has full service kennels, training buildings and acerage.


Chiron K9's facility has state-of-art research equipment including a custom built olfactometer and scent carousel.


The research facility has cloud based data collection and video streaming capability with immediate client access to data.


Chiron K9 can host your team for independent research studies. Kenneling and research equipment are available.

  • 20 Kennels available with beds, houses, and welfare support.
  • Climate-controlled research lab with a control room separated from the lab with one-way mirrored glass windows.
  • Custom-built Olfactometer with cloud-based data collection.
  • Medical grade 12-arm stainless steel scent carousel.
  • Medical grade stainless steel scent stands
  • Custom-made scent devices specific to project requirements.
  • Support for target analysis and preparation.
  • Fridge/freezer and IT support available.