Paul Bunker


Chiron K9, LLC,
San Antonio, Texas, USA


Mr. Bunker is the owner and Principal of Chiron K9 LLC, a canine consultancy company specializing in detection. He served over 22 years in the British Army as a Canine Trainer/Instructor/Assessor deploying on high-threat counter-terrorist operations worldwide. During his time in the British Army, he was the Senior Instructor and Trainer of Specialized Search Dog and Explosive Detection Dog/Handler Training for both the UK and US Military. He created and implemented the Explosive Detection Dog Program, which required developing new training techniques and methodologies. He was awarded the NATO Joint-Commanders Commendation for Distinguished Service to support operations in the Balkans. In 2017 he formed Chiron K9 to concentrate on detection dog research and conservation/environmental detection. He has developed unique programs to support conservation and environmental canine detection programs and deployed with the teams. He has provided canines and training support to detection research with universities and Government organizations. He is a co-author of several published papers and the author of “Imprint Your Detection Dog in 15 Days”.


Professional Experience

  1. 1988 - 2004
    Dog Trainer
    Royal Army Veterinary Corps
  2. 2004 - 2010
    Canine Technical Expert
    Concurrent Technologies Corp
  3. 2010 -2011
    Senior Trainer - Canine Tracking
    Concurrent Technologies Corp
  4. 2011 - 2013
    Project Manager - Search Handler Training
    K2 Solutions
  5. 2013 - 2015
    Program Manager Canine Research
    K2 Solution
  6. 2015 - 2017
    Director Canine Training School
    K2 Solutions
  7. 2017 - Present
    Chiron K9, LLC


  • 2002
    NATO Commanders Commendation
    North Atlantic Treaty Organization
  • 2008
    Honor Graduate Instructors Course
    US Air Force