K9-SCAT Field Report - T/V Arrow
A report regarding the use of K9-SCAT following the 2015 release of oil from T/V Arrow, Nova Scotia, Canada. The T/V Arrow sank in 1970 and was the largest spill on eastern side of Canada. The Oild Detection canine detected the 6 month old oil as well as original oil from 1970.
Alaska Business Magazine article
An article in Alaska Business magazine that includes a section on Oil Detection Canines and the work I have been involved with. Specifically the searches in Prince William Sound locating Exxon Valdez oil.
Using Dogs to find Oil during Spill Response
An article by NOAA titled: Using Dogs to find Oil during Spill Response. This discusses the field trials conducted in Prince William Sound, Alaska to located sub-surface oil from the Exxon Valdez spill.
3 Legged Stool of Imprinting
In this magazine article, I discuss the principles of the 3 Legged Stool of imprinting.
Oil Detection Canine Field Trials Poster
This poster was displayed at Clean Pacific and it is based on the API Oil Detection Canine Field Trials. Titled "Field Trials to Locate & Delineate Subsurface Oil on Land & Shorelines Using Detection Dogs"
Buried Oil Detection by Canines in Northern Prince William Sound
A series of beach surveys were conducted with a canine trained for subsurface oil detection at five (5) sites in three (3) locations in northern Prince William Sound, AK, in May 2017.
Canine Oil Detection (K9-SCAT) Guidelines
Canine detection searches involve a rapid, straightforward, proven concept that is based on sound scientific principles. Research has demonstrated that the canine sense of smell is at least as sensitive as commercial gas analytical instruments.
Canine Oil Detection: Field Trials Report
Field Trials were undertaken in June 2015 to evaluate the applicability of canine oil detection teams to support assessment surveys to locate and delineate the horizontal extent of subsurface oil for shoreline and inland spills response operations.
Mine Detection Dogs: Training, Operations & Odour Detection
This publication is a great free resource. It is based on scientific research and methods to train canines as well as sub-surface target detection. While concentrating on mine detection most of the principles and research is relevant to any training.