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You are always a student, never a master. You have to keep moving forward.Conrad Hall

At Chiron K9 I offer the best in workshops/seminars and presentations.

    • There is no substitution for experience:
    •  I have a PROVEN track record as a handler/trainer and assessor of canine teams. Being involved in training from procurement to deployment, Project Management, problem-solving, unique program development, SOP production, and scientific research and reports.

    • I offer my experience and knowledge openly and freely:
    •  I purposely maintain a small and unique company and this gives me the freedom to impart my knowledge and experience to the benefit of others. My business does not suffer from your success…….therefore I want you to succeed!

Why? Because I have been in the field, I have handled detection dogs in operational environments, I have deployed to locations in support of counter-terrorism operations, counter-narcotic and environmental assessments. I have proven what I teach WORKS!

By teaching and demonstrating proven techniques and methods that WORK! By coaching and informing, I hide NOTHING. I don’t hold back on anything I have learned and discovered in over 4 decades of training dogs.

By changing attitudes, beliefs, confidence, ability, and performance. I work with you to understand your challenges and performance needs.
I will support you with THE solution, teaching, mentoring, using PROVEN systems of training developed by myself and used by the Department of Defense.
I do what I say I do and I hold myself accountable for your success.

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