But what makes me stand out from others is my passion and drive for canine training. I have made it my life’s work and enjoy nothing more than to problem solve canine issues or develop new projects/programs.

  • Over 36 years of experience training canines and developing programs
  • Vast experience in developing training solutions from no known template and always been 100% successful in the scope, schedule and costs.
  • Awarded NATO Commanders Commendation for services to dog training in the Balkans theater of operations
  • Received an award from the Dept. of Interior for innovation in canine training
  • Do you have a particular training problem?
    Canines ignoring odor?
    Weak response?
    Canine shows aggression on odor?
    Need a review of your imprinting protocols?
    Or need a training program developed to suit your needs?
  • From conception to deployment
    I can assist from the very first steps of establishing a canine program to deploying your teams in the field. Even if you require a bespoke training solution. To include, handler training, supervisors, managers, canines and support elements.

I utilize an array of training techniques rather than follow a laid down doctrine, even developing specific techniques to suit individual canines.
It is this skill set that has set me apart and made me the successful trainer I am. Having developed Special Operations canines which were operationally deployed in Western Europe during the Cold War, to what is now considered the “standard” in passive response imprinting and training.

Recently I have completed research trials, with 100% success, in locating target substances at Parts-Per-Million and buried 15′ below the surface.

I have a proven track record for developing training programs based on the clients requirements. I do not reuse generic training protocols or models but develop a program specific to clients needs and requirements.

  • Ensures canines and teams meet the Statement of Work
  • Develops standards based on the Statement of Work
  • Bespoke to clients requirements ensures success
  • 100% success rate on all prior training programs I have established