Research & Innovation

“Creativity is thinking up new things. Innovation is doing new things.” – Theodore Levitt (1925-2006)

Example Research

          Often canine training services are limited by stovepipe training methods:

  •  I have a proven background in innovative and unique canine training methods, including the development of new protocols and devices.

    Integrating solutions into operations:
  •  Developing a training program is only part of the solution. Any solution must be repeatable and integrate into field operations.
  • My passion lies in innovation and I have a proven background in developing bespoke and original training techniques to include equipment. From developing a passive response imprinting process to inventing a reward delivery device (including building a working prototype) I have constantly created original and unique solutions to client’s problems.
  • All I need is to know your problem and I will assess the potential for a canine solution, develop a plan of training and execute the development.
    My training experience and knowledge allow me to leverage a large “toolbox” of training techniques and protocols to develop the best solution for a wide variety of variables. I pride myself on my ability to diversify both my training methods and utilization protocols of canines to provide the best solution to a client’s problem.
    In support of this, I have a working partnership with experienced and knowledgeable scientists and a veterinarian who have deep backgrounds in scientific-based experimental design and investigation.

Together we can provide the solution you need to solve your canine problems.

  • Original & bespoke solutions
  • Full ingratiation into field operations
  • Benchmark system of training ensures full project compliance
  • Proven background in innovation