Red Team Assessments

In 2003 an American dog trainer provided “bomb detection” canines to the United States Government which were not trained to detect explosives. The canines had been operational and conducting searches of high-value government facilities before his fraud was found out.

           Are you sure you are getting what you pay for?

  •  3rd party on-site assessments ensure you are receiving the services you are engaging in.

    Are the security standards meeting the statement of work?

  •  Providing a 3rd party assessment by professional and experienced canine trainers provides real-time data on your level of security cover.

A Canine Red Team (CRT) involves trained personnel testing canine teams within their operational working environment without the canine team’s knowledge.

Phase 1 – Reconnaissance

Initially, the CRT consultants will conduct reconnaissance of the canine team’s normal working patterns. By collecting these observational information weaknesses such as routine breaks, areas not covered and distracted teams can be recorded for exploitation.

Phase 2 – Probing

Canine Red Team consultants will utilize a variety of techniques to probe the security efficiency of the canine teams. This varies from site to site but could include copying security badges to test handler awareness, utilizing the “Honey trap” tactic or using a vehicle with markers for a VBIED use but no target materials.

Phase 3 – Exploitation

Phase 3 is the exploitation of any observed weaknesses by the CRT consultants to evade detection by the canine teams. The aim is to test the security of a client site and to ensure all weaknesses are identified and rectified or to confirm that the measures in place are effective. The exploitation phase also ensures the detection capability of the trained canine to locate and alert on the target odor, in addition, that the handler recognizes any alerts and conducts the correct Immediate Action drills as per the Standard Operating Procedures of the venue.

Each Red Team exercise will be fully documented and a written report provided to include, but not be limited to, photographs, video, observations, and recommendations. As a 3rd party Canine Red Team consultant, I provide an objective and balanced service without bias.

I offer 3rd party, impartial and independent assessments of your canine capability.

  • Real-time operational onsite assessments
  • Issues can be addressed immediately
  • Full disclosure of results with data collection protocols
  • Peace of mind and checks and balance of value