Augment Trainer | Instructor

Experience and knowledge with a natural ability to develop students through coaching and instruction.

Some projects are short term or require limited resources. It is not cost-beneficial to employ a full-time employee for a short term project.

  • The cost of a short term project doesn’t always warrant employing someone full-time:
  •  What do you do with the employee at the end of the project, and not many people are interested in employment that is a few days to a few weeks in duration.

  • It is difficult to locate a talented and certified trainer/instructor:
  •  Talented resources are limited and for someone to agree to take on a short term project away from their home-base can be difficult.

I offer an augment trainer/instructor service that is professional and certified. I will take on your small project at your base location and complete the task from start to finish. I will work as an Independent Contractor, therefore no benefits, holidays, medical costs to consider.

As a successful trainer, instructor and project manager I bring experience, knowledge and a level of professionalism that will compliment your company and reputation.

You, and your clients, will be totally satisfied with my services.

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Written records and report for each canine/student
  • Instruction to any required standards (certified ACPO, US Army, US AETC instructor)
  • Currently, a retained instructor supporting DoD and Law Enforcement contracts