Meetings Archive

15 October 2020

Overview of Oil Detection Canine’s

Presentation by Dr Nathan Hall – Oil Detection Canine threshold research

04 November 2020

Canines and Machines – Paul Bunker

Vapor Analysis in Support of Canine Detection – Dr. Stephanie Vaughan – Naval Research Lab

09 December 2020

Overview of the Oil Detection Canine capability with Ed Owens

Presentation by Koniku on oil detection innovation and technology

06 January 2021

Training Aid Delivery Device – Paul Bunker

Koniku Q&Q – Osh

03 February 2021

2020 Research Project – Ed Owens

Research ideas

03 March 2021

Smell Inspector – Dr. Victor Bezugly

Smart Nanotubes Technologies

07 April 2021

T/V Arrow, Nova Scotia – Ed Owens

Underwater Oil Detection – Paul Bunker



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