Chiron K9 is a research-based training, coaching and consulting company that is the leader in the integration of proven canine science and support. Based at Global Training Academy in San Antonio, Texas, United States, we study the scientific disciplines of psychology, communication theory, cognitive psychology, and behavioral modification. We then take the repeatable and predictable principles, which science has proven, to create and enable influence out of the laboratory and academic journals and apply them to the field.

Dedicated Canine Research Facility to support client projects:
  • Olfactometer – Specifically developed for detection canine research
  • Odor carousel – 12 arm stainless steel construction
  • Observation area – For data collectors, video capture and observation
  • Data collection – Advanced custom coded data collection software
  • Data – Automated collection of temperature, humidity, heat index, etc.
  • Video capture – Cloud-based video capture of all training/trials
  • Samples storage – Specially designed sample storage freezer

Chiron K9 constructed and maintains two areas containing:

  • 6 x 1′ pipes
  • 45 x 3′ pipes
  • 5 x 3′ pipes
  • 5 x 5′ pipes
  • 10 x 15′ pipes

Pipes can be loaded with any client supplied targets

The academy boasts

  • 70 acres of training areas
  • Imprint and training buildings
  • 2x multi-vehicle lots
  • Classroom
  • 120 kennels
  • Explosives permit and storage