Texas Horned Lizards Hatch at San Antonio Zoo

Texas Horned Lizards Hatch at San Antonio Zoo By Alese Underwood PUBLISHED 5:33 PM CT Jun. 24, 2019       SAN ANTONIO — The San Antonio Zoo is helping boost the numbers for one of Texas’ most beloved reptiles. Two dozen Texas horned lizards hatched at zoo Species has drastically disappeared from native habitat […]

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WOAI San Antonio Channel 4 News Report

S.A Zoo helping to save Texas Horned Lizards by Michael Hernandez Tuesday, June 25th 2019 For video on news report page Click Here SAN ANTONIO—Here’s a quick quiz: Do you know what the state reptile of Texas is? It’s the Horned Lizard. But did you also know that they are on the threatened species list? […]

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Advanced K9 Medics Course

I was fortunate to attend a 16 hours Advanced K9 Medics course held in Pennsylvania. The course was theory and practical with a series of final assessments and a written exam. I have completed K9 First Aid training before but what I like about this one was its no-nonsense life-saving skills taught. Enough to save […]

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