An Olfactometer odor panel is a system consisting of three sample ports, to which varied odors are delivered by flowing air through individual vials containing targets, distracters, or nothing (no odor). Carbon filtered air from a commercial air pump was controlled by rotameter flow meters and directed via automated solenoid valves to pick up the desired odor in saturation vials. Only one odor is presented to each individual sample port at a time. Clean dilution air and odor air are mixed in a Teflon (polytetrafluoroethylene [PTFE]) manifold and delivered to the sample port. A computer is used to control which airstream is delivered to which port and to collect the response data.


Chiron K9's Olfactometer was custom made by the Canine Olfaction lab, Texas Tech University. It is a computer software run system.

Data Collection

The Olfactometer collects all data and immediately uploads it to the cloud. odor, response, temperature, probes, time etc.


A software program offers a customizable variety of protocols including forced 3-choice, go-no-go, threshold, probes, all-clears and more.

Double Blind

The program is designed to be run visual or double blind. The trainer has no insight in to target location removing any bias by the human.

This is a 10-trial demonstration of the olfactometer. The computer screen is set so that the odor presentation ports can be seen. There are two blanks in this session and you will see Poppy return to show “no odor present” (all-clear).